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      That all Ummat-e-Muslima is in crises now…. The reason is we left understanding Quran’s real message…… “Seek the knowledge”. We understand that reading Quran and offering prayers is Islam but the reality is different… We can’t survive without latest knowledge, technology and skills in the world. Islam is the religion of peace and research..
      After 1000 years of Boom period, now we are in te depth of ignorance. There is need of a big Educational Revolution for the survival of Millat-e-Islamia. The Revolution, which overcomes our Educational, Ethical, Political and Social crisis, so that the whole Millat-e-Islamia can lead the world towards the way of peace and progress.

      GOD said: "Now the best group in the world is You, which is leaded to the front, you ordered for the virtue and forbid from sin and have faith and beleif on ALLAH". ( Translation: Aal-e-Imran)

      Al-Badr Education Trust has founded in 1989 with feeling of this responsibility of leadership. By the grace of in this short span of time, 6 educational instituions are established which are continiously workng to prepare the new generation for making them Better Leaders and a Welfare Nation..


Educational Institution :

    :1::  Al-Badr Primary School - 150-D, Satellite Town, Gujranwala   
    :2::  Al-Badr High School - 150-D, Satellite Town, Gujranwala
    :3::  Al-Badr Girls Primary School - Zaheer Colony, Near Sialkot Bypass, Gujranwala
    :4::  Al-Badr Girls High School - Zaheer Colony, Near Sialkot Bypass, Gujranwala
    :5::  Al-Badr Primary School - Asad Colony, Sheikhupura Road, Gujranwala
    :6::  Al-Badr High School - 150-D, Asad Colony, Sheikhupura Road, Gujranwala


Distinctive Properties :

   1) Offering five times prayers and making firm the habbit of Reciting Quran
    2) Examination of Teaching of Quran with Tarjam and Tafheem and its particpation in Time Table properly
    3) Saying Brother and Sister of the students to spread the real Jazba-e-Ukhawat
    4) Our slogan is "We are Brothers / We are Sisters" to demolish the "Ta-sssub"

    5) Arrangement of Halqa-e-Taleem-ul-Quran and Group Reading programmes to awake the Jazb-e-Islami
    6) Arrangement of Library Period To increase the reading skills and literary hobby between students
    7) Arrangement of Science Practical for the whole educational year

    8) Skilled and highly qualified missionary staff
    9) Free educational summer camps

    10) Computer Education in all campuses
    11) Curricular and sports activies
    13) The best Management and leading skills
    14) Scarf and parda limitation for female students


Board Of Trusties :

    >> Chariman                 > Maj. Dr. Abdul Qayyum
    >> Vice Chairman         > Prof. Dr. Zahid Ahmad Sheikh
    >> Secretary General   > Muhammad Naseem Asghar Qazi
    >> Finance Secretary   > Dr. Abid Javed Sheikh
    >> Legal Advisor           > S. M. Aslam Tirmizi (Advocate)

               >> Trustee      > Malik Zaheer-ul-Haq
               >> Trustee      > Muhammad Asghar Khokhar
               >> Trustee      > Umer Farooq
               >> Trustee      > Maj. Dr. R. Syed M. Ishaq

Future Plans :

    1) A new purpose build campus for Al-Badr High School Satellite Town, Gujranwala

    2) Acquiring a new campus from Punjab Education Foundation for Al-Badr Higher Secondary School
          Peoples Colony, Gujranwala
    3) Bduilding a new campus for Al-Badr Girls Science College, Asad Colony, Gujranwala

    4) Bduilding a new campus for Al-Badr Girls College, Zaheer Colony, Gujranwala
    5) Bduilding for Al-Badr Directorate


Important Notices